When Stakehill Ltd was founded in 1972 the company exclusively manufactured, and still does, Cushionbar® dunnage systems, and gained an increasingly large customer base worldwide.

This resulted in being awarded the Queen’s award for export achievement in 1984 and the successful growth of the company in the 80’s. In 1988 Stakehill introduced Cushmould® Polyurethane mouldings to its range of products and began building on previous dunnage expertise, which now exceeds 40 years.

Stakehill’s dunnage systems offer you a reusable packaging solution that is designed to last the lifetime of a project, which is tailor made to suit your application. These systems allow positive loading and full protection of painted and non painted components in a wide variety of applications. Using the systems offered by Stakehill, you reduce the risk of incurring rework costs caused by inferior packaging damaging and marking components.

Stakehill designs and manufactures a full range of specially designed dunnage systems offering the following benefits:

  • Non-marking
  • Weatherproof
  • Ability to operate in a variety of environments
  • Performs in a temperature range of –20°C to +70°C
  • Flame retardant
  • Chemical and oil resistant
  • Durable, impact and cut resistant
  • Colour coded for ease of identification


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