Specialist steel pallets, stillages and racks offer a reusable option for the transportation and storage of a multitude of products in many different and diverse industries located in the UK, Europe and internationally.

Stakehill have been designing & manufacturing fully integrated Pallet Systems since 1992.

The bespoke designed stillages normally incorporate Stakehill dunnage systems to provide the complete transportation solution from a single supplier and offers the following benefits:

  • Stillages are manufactured from welded steel box section to provide a rugged, reusable frame.
  • All Stillage is spray painted to customer specifications or when additional corrosion resistance is required galvanising or electro plating is available, this provides an identifiable product that is fully corrosion resistant.
  • Stillage can be marked with any information required such as product/factory information for ease of identification.
  • CAD is extensively used by utilising the customerís product files to enable a fully customised design to be produced to properly locate and constrain the product thus avoiding damage or marking during the transportation.
  • A prototyping process is available that produces a single stillage that can be fully examined by our design staff and the customer. This then allows any improvements or modifications to be incorporated before mass production. The customer gets a product that is proved and agreed and is fully fit for purpose.
  • Most commonly the Stakehill Dunnage Systems range is used within the stillage design to provide effective positive & non damaging location of any type of product. The in house design & manufacture of the dunnage systems allow for control over quality & stability providing consistency across the production run.
  • Pallet Systems are checked for dimensional accuracy, when required, using a portable CMM, the FARO advance arm, to plot and record all critical structural & location dimensions. This ensures that even in high volume production runs stability of product supply is assured.
  • All Stakehill Pallet Systems are fully reusable offering an identifiable cost across the lifetime of a project.
  • The Pallet Systems can be designed for multiple stacking where possible to allow for effective use of transportation space.
  • Pallet Systems can be designed to allow components to be loaded / unloaded by an operator, a lift assist or a robot ensuring the methodology fits into your production requirements.
  • Our Kingswinford site offers a full repair & replacement service to ensure your production is unaffected when essential maintenance is required.
  • All Dunnage incorporated within Stakehill Pallet Systems is designed for ease of replacement as and when damage or product change occurs ensuring minimum downtime of individual stillages.


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